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You think the big problem is with oil? No way – water is in short supply too

Posted by Lindy on January 22, 2009

Of course, we already knew one of the big eco-bummers of our modern lives is that products from beer to microchips use inordinate amounts of water. wateruse4Last August, the WWF revealed that each Brit effectively uses 4,645 litres of water a day to produce the food on our tables and the T-shirts on our backs; see the world map for an idea of where Britain’s “borrowed water” comes from.

Unsurprisingly, one of the solutions advocated by a new report just out is a better use of the water we have. To that end, the authors have estimated the water footprint of everyday food and drink, which encouragingly shows that one litre of beer consumes less water (300 litres) than one litre of orange juice (850 litres). One kilogram of coffee is reportedly more thirsty (21,000 litres of water) than one kilogram of hamburger (16,000 litres). Take a look at this image gallery to see the hidden water cost of everything from your daily cuppa to a glass of wine. The full article is here


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