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Stop Feeding Sardines To The Cat: Let Fish Poop Save The World!

Posted by Lindy on January 23, 2009

The things you find out on the web!!

Apparently it is not just the plankton that make limestone! It has been found that fish in sea-water poop ‘gut rock’, which is calcium carbonate – hence trapping carbon dioxide from the air for sometime to come.

How and why? The weathering of mountains dissolves calcium sulphate, carrying it to the sea. The fish end up taking in too much calcium so they excrete it by combining it with CO2 as calcium carbonate, or “gut rocks”. It ends up falling to the bottom to become sedimentary calcite or “limestone” (over millions of years). The earth is continuously heaving, compressing, and heating, shoving the calcite back up to the surface from which we start all over again – with fish poop – in the passing of geologic time.

The full article look here.

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