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Slum Cooker Protects Environment, Helps Poor

Posted by Lindy on April 6, 2009

kenya-cookerThis cooker is a community resource which will burn the rubbish, save the forest and provide hot water for slum dwellers and people on refugee camps. This one has been set up in  Kibera in Nairobi in Kenya. It has taken a long time to design a cooker that will turn at a high enough temperature to break down the toxins.

Now the Kenyan Red Cross is preparing to install similar cookers in the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps near the Somali border, where cholera has already broken out this year, and at least one European aid organisation is looking at wide deployment.

Juma Ochieng of the Red Cross told Reuters the Community Cooker had benefits for health, sanitation and conservation, and would create employment for young people working to build and maintain the stoves.

To see more look here


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