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Third-World Stove Soot Is Target in Climate Fight

Posted by Lindy on April 16, 2009

This article from the New York Times implies that 18% of the global warming effect is caused by soot as against 40% from CO2. In areas where there are few vehicles and little electricity, soot from smoky wood fire that are used by nearly everyone in these poor areas for cooking may be having a major impact on polar warming. As you will from elsewhere in this blog, there are many attempts to provide cooking facilities which do not have unpleasant side effects for the users and prevent them having to cut down trees.  Appropriate technological solutions are coming thick and fast and this might have the unforeseeable side effect of reducing polar melting.

A delightful quote from the article ‘Like tiny heat-absorbing black sweaters, soot particles warm the air and melt the ice by absorbing the sun’s heat when they settle on glaciers.’


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