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2 Suriname men win global environmental prize

Posted by Lindy on April 21, 2009

Goldman Environmental Prize WinnersWanze and Hugo are descendants of African slaves.  These Africans took off into the rainforest when they were brought to Surinam as slaves where they have lived a tribe ever since and are known as the Maron Tribe. The Saramaca — the largest Maroon tribe in Suriname — live by fishing, hunting, planting crops and gathering wild nuts and fruits.

Wanze and Hugo have been fighting tirelessly, and not without threats being made against them, for more than 10 years.

“They saved not only their communities’ 9,000 square kilometers of forest, but strengthened the possibility of saving countless more,” therepresentative of  Goldman Environmental Foundation. Wanze and Hugo are to share the $150,000 cash prize.


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