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Posted by Lindy on June 13, 2009

I saw this article here about how this innovate method of farming in uncompromising circumstances was leading to improved community facilities (aka Fair trade-type arrangement) as well as  local people earning a better and more sustainable living using these autopotsauto one pot module. It would seem that the Maldives are very sandy are were not much use for agriculture but are now into producing golden melons much loved by the tourists! And the system is sustainable, eco friendly etc.  etc. So I went searching and found this picture.

What appears to be the way it works is that water + nutrients flow through the pipe to a valve on the lower right – the little box then fills and allows liquid through to the tray on the left. Once full, the valve closes and does not open again until all the liquid has been taken up by the plant in the big pot.

These are the types used in the Maldives. However, in many other areas big commercial systems using the same system in big banks  in China and many other places in Malaysia (where it was first developed) and other Far Eastern Countries.


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