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RSPB: Active In Sumatra

Posted by Lindy on June 26, 2009


This is a really important project which our very own RSPB are involved in – do take a look

“I’m so involved with our work in Harapan Rainforest that I often get bogged down in the detail. But the image of a young, healthy Sumatran tiger staring back at me blew me away – I just had to share my excitement with you! As top predators, if tigers are doing well, you can be sure that so is most of the other rainforest wildlife.”

Ian Rowland
RSPB Tropical Forest Conservation Manager

TigerEmailTigerThis tiger image is just the latest in a long line of successes from our work in Sumatra. We already hold the management rights to part of Harapan Rainforest, meaning we have stopped the chopping down of trees and are planting them instead – creating a better home for all the rainforest wildlife.

Thanks to your support, all the pieces of our campaign to Save the Sumatran rainforest are now starting to fall into place.

See more images from our camera trap in Sumatra.

PS We thought you’d also like to know that in the next few weeks we’re expecting to receive the second management licence for Harapan Rainforest – giving us roughly 100,000 ha of some of the last remaining lowland rainforest in Sumatra. Just one more reason to celebrate this challenging and ground-breaking international project.


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