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Fieldwork in Wales Day 4

Posted by Lindy on October 30, 2009

Definitely a bit of a struggle to find different ways to graph the data. Not really happy with the result, but I cannot do any better!

Water quality graph

This graph shows that

  1. The lowest pH was at the ford  (site 3) which was adjacent to the field with sheep in. There was evidence that the sheep used the stream to drink from. There was no other source of water in that field and there were hoof prints on one side of the ford. The cause of higher pH at the waterfall (site 2) is not known and a bit of a mystery.
  2. The temperature of each site was similar, just a little lower than the air temperature in each case. This is as would be expected, as the mild day time tmeprature increase the air temperature faster than the water temperature.ano pic 2
  3. The dissolved oxygen levels are very approximate by this test, but certainly gave the expected results, with the water that has just fallen of the falls having the highest oxygen content.
  4. No turbidity was recorded so it was not put on the graph. However

Vel graph

cross section graph

Discharge graph

For the velocity graph, the values were re-arranged in each case, into minimum and median and  maximum values.

By doing this it was easier to show that not all the surface water, which the floating orange shows, is the same at anyano pic 1 one site. In fact in one case on on site 4, the orange took 299.97 sec to cover 10 metres, as it got into a back loop and returned up stream twice before it managed to pass the 10 metres mark. This sample was discounted, at it would have had an unduly large impact on the average velocity and hence the discharge. However, had say 10 measurements of that river been included, then including that one would havegiven a fairer outcome.

The X-section graph demonstrated that regardless of width or depth, that the x-section does increase down stream, and finally looking at the discharge, these results mirrored that of the x-section very closely

Tomorrow the evaluation and conclusion – it will be fairly damning as I could have done a lot better!


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