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It is 5 years after the Tsunami – what have they learnt?

Posted by Lindy on December 19, 2009

As a result of the disastrous tsunami just 5 years ago, one NGO, Save the Children, has worked there throughout that time. Initially they went in to provide emergency relief to the worst hit areas in Indonesia. However since then they have been working with schools and adults to find ways to prevent such a disaster have such an impact again.

They have achieved this by

Working with community to develop an early warning system and disaster alerts

what is the scale of the earthquake? Will it trigger a Tsunami? Where to? Communication is by mobile phones between communities, and a system has been developed to communication within the communities.

Education for disaster readiness

Children map communities for danger areas and safe routes out

Adults are taught to have emergency paper and important stuff kept together and safe in case of evacuation

The full article


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