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Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 hit Penang, Indonesia on Sept 30 2009

Posted by Lindy on December 21, 2009

About 5:00 pm on September 30th, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck just offshore of the town of Padang in Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake toppled buildings and started many landslides, smashing homes and swallowing up entire villages. If you want to see the graphic impacts, go and have a look at 40 horrific pictures taken after the event.

Here is one of them

Link to previous article about this quake


Tremors from the first earthquakes were felt in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, Malaysia and Singapore. The management of some high-rise buildings in Singapore evacuated their staff.[

A tsunami watch was triggered and there are reports of house damage and fires.] Hotels in Padang were destroyed, and communications to the city were disrupted.

Local news channel Metro TV reported fires in Padang where panicked residents had run onto the streets as the first quake hit. Teams of rescuers from nearby branches of the National Search and Rescue Agency have been deployed to Padang. Large buildings came down in the earthquake. It was also reported that some water pipes in Padang were broken and there was flooding in the street. There have also been reports that at least two hospitals and several schools have collapsed as a result of the earthquake.

Padang’s Minangkabau International Airport suffered minor damage, with parts of the ceiling in the boarding area falling down.The airport reopened on 1 October.


Indonesian officials have suggested that the death toll is likely to rise sharply, because of the large number of people trapped in collapsed buildings. Authorities announced that several disaster management teams were en route to Padang although it took several hours for them to reach more remote areas.  Rescue workers pulled dozens of survivors from the rubble and rushed them to Djamil Hospital. The hospital itself was overwhelmed with patients, and many patients were treated in tents set up outside the hospital. A man was trapped beneath a flattened hotel for 25 hours with a broken leg before rescue workers pulled him free. The Indonesian military deployed emergency response teams with earth moving equipment to help move rubble and recover trapped victims. Rescue workers and volunteers searched the rubble of a collapsed 3-story course building, rescuing survivors and recovering bodies while parents waited nearby. Indonesian villagers used their bare hands to sift through ruins and try to find survivors. On October 5, Indonesian rescue workers called off their search for trapped survivors and increased efforts to recover bodies, clear rubble, and provide aid to survivors. Indonesian authorities used helicopters to airdrop instant noodles, blankets, milk, and dry food into remote areas, and to bring the wounded from these areas to hospitals.

Australia : 10 army engineers a civilian search and rescue team.,  a Royal Australian Navy hospital ship and a helicopter.- +$A350,000

China   Emergency aid worth $500,000.

Denmark :A six-man crew and camp material

Estonia : an information

European Union :Aid worth 3 million euros

Germany :Emergency aid worth 1 million euros

Hongkong :HKD 4 million

Ireland : Red Cross volunteers are working to rescue people and provide food, clean water and shelter.

Japan A team of 60 search and rescue workers and 23 medical personnel and emergency goods such as tents, sleeping mats, blankets and power generators.

Malaysia : two-member team to Padang on October 1 to conduct an on-the-ground assessment and an initial total of RM 100,000 emergency aid. Malaysian Red Crescent Society sent five-member Regional Disaster Response Team consist of a doctor, a nurse and relief officers . State Government of Selangor sent RM 500,000. Mercy Malaysia will deploy a surgical and medical team consisting of an orthopaedic surgeon, a general surgeon, an anaesthetist, general practitioners (GPs) and nurses The team brought with them surgical sets and primary healthcare kits worth a total of RM 100,000.  Malaysian Search and Rescue Team (Smart) with 39 members had left for Padang. A medical team sent  comprising 17 officers from the Malaysian Armed Forces medical corps, 8 officers from Malaysian Health Ministry. University send 14 volunteers in the relief efforts.

Netherlands     Emergency aid of 500,000 euros

Norway            Norway pledged a total of NOK 20,000,000 for emergency relief efforts.

Russia             Two aircraft, logistical supplies, medical supplies, doctors, nurses, and a search and rescue team with sniffer dogs

Saudi Arabia    has sent a plane carrying two units of trucks, one ambulance disaster response unit, a Search and Rescue (SAR) team, medicines, and four sniffer dogs

Singapore        Has pledged temporary shelters, blankets and medicine. It has also sent a 54-member medical team from the Singapore Armed Forces, 42-member Civil Defense Force search, rescue contingent and three helicopters.

South Korea    A 43-person search and rescue team and $500,000 in aid

Switzerland      A search and rescue team , and an aircraft, search and rescue team, logistical supplies

Taiwan donated $150,000 to the effort.

Thailand sent  a plane on October 3 with relief supplies

United Arab Emirates A 56-member search and rescue team, medical supplies, heavy equipment

United States Emergency aid worth $3,000,000, a Hercules transport aircraft and crew.

United Kingdom:  equipment including plastic sheeting, medical and water purifying equipment. The search and rescue team of 65 firefighters, 10 volunteers from the International Rescue Corps taking specialist equipment including listening devices and camera systems .S.A.R.A.I.D. have mobilised a team of 10 personnel and over a ton of technical equipment to the city of Padang to assist in the rescue efforts. Gloucester-based Rapid-UK has already sent a 16-person team of rescuers and medics to the area.

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