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Swedish Bunnies Burned As Fuel to Heat Homes

Posted by alec8c on January 11, 2010

I know probably some of you know about biofuels, like using vegetables and things to fuel cars but i saw this and thought, this is a whole new teritory of biofuel! Sorry to all bunny lovers out there!

Hordes of rabbits, some abandoned by their owners or escaped, are being killed, frozen and converted to biofuel for heating homes in Sweden.

The practice has been criticized by Sweden’s Society for the Protection of Wild Rabbits, but officials say the fuzzy hoppers are a major pest, doing considerable damage to parks, homes and infrastructure each year.

“It is in winter they do the most damage. Then they eat tree bark, wood, anything. This is when they cause the most costly damage,” said Tommy Tuvunger at the Stockholm Traffic Office.

"The contractor doesn't just pick up rabbits. He also picks up cats, deer, horses and cows." — Tommy Tuvunger.

Thousands of the rabbits have been shot by two specially hired people who usually go out at dawn and use guns with silencers.

They are then deep-frozen and taken to a Daka Biodiesel plant in central Sweden for incineration as fuel.

“Once culled, the rabbits are frozen and when we have enough; a contractor comes and takes them away,” said Tuvunger.

“Those who support the culling of rabbits surely think it’s good to use the bodies for a good cause. But it feels like they’re trying to turn the animals into an industry rather than look at the main problem,” Anna Johannesson of the society told Vårt Kungsholmen.


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