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Haiti Day by Day 2

Posted by Lindy on January 25, 2010


A strong aftershock rocked Haiti , sending screaming people running into the streets. Some buildings already weakened by last week’s quake collapsed.  The magnitude 6.1 tremor struck west of Port-au-Prince at 0603 local time (1103 GMT).

The aftershock hit as people were still being found alive in the rubble from the original quake. They included a five-year-old boy reportedly pulled from the ruins of his home by his uncle. Earlier a 10-year-old girl and her eight-year-old brother were found.

More than 120 people altogether have been rescued by international teams.

The US announced it was sending another 4,000 sailors and marines to Haiti for the earthquake relief effort, diverting them from deployments in the Gulf and Africa.

Many victims unable to find treatment in Haiti, have crossed the border into the Dominican Republic. But  the volume of patients is so great the hospitals there are struggling to cope.

Haitian officials said the death toll from the quake was likely to be between 100,000 and 200,000, and that 75,000 bodies had already been buried in mass graves. An estimated 1.5 million are homeless.


About 400,000 survivors will be moved to tented villages outside the capital, Port-au-Prince, with 100,000 people initially being sent to 10 settlements near the suburb of Croix Des Bouquets, Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime announced.

The International Organisation for Migration, distributing tents and plastic sheeting, warned that more permanent shelter would soon be needed by the 500,000 people living outdoors.

In a bid to deliver greater quantities of aid, the US military was operating at four airports in the region – Port-au-Prince and Jacmel in Haiti, and San Isidro and Barahona in the neighbouring Dominican Republic.

The US Coast Guard partially reopened the capital’s main sea port which was damaged in the quake. Four vessels had docked by Thursday evening.


Two people were rescued after spending 10 days under the rubble.

An 84-year-old woman and 21-year-old man were pulled out alive in Port-au-Prince, but with no further signs of life reported the Haitian government declared the rescue effort over at 1600 local time (2100 GMT).

Later a massive benefit concert was broadcast to try to raise money for victims.

The two-hour Hope for Haiti telethon featured more than 100 Hollywood and music stars.

The concert, which took place in New York, Los Angeles, London and Haiti, included Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio. It raised  £35m ($57m)


International search teams continued their work to find survivors, despite the Haitian government calling an official end to the rescue phase, and were rewarded by pulling Wismond Exantus from the remains of the Napoli Inn Hotel 11 days after the quake.

Greek, French and US rescue teams were involved in the two-and-a-half-hour operation to bring him out.


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