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Sekem Farm creates organic oasis out of Egyptian desert

Posted by Lindy on May 27, 2010

While I was following a link on desertification in , I came across this article.

It is about this ex-pat Egyptian, Dr Ibrahim, who was a medical doctor working in Austria. He returned home for a holiday, was pretty horrified by the impacts of desertification and had a vision of a way to put back into his community. As he said, he was no farmer and did not know much about it. But he decided on 2 principals way back in 1977, one was biodynamic methods (a form of organic farming that creates a closed, self-sustaining environment – Sekem farm produces all its own compost) and the second was Fairtrade, really even before the term had been invented

You really need to read the article, but just to give you a flavour in 2007 he and the farmers who have joined with him, using his methods, made £120,000 profit. It would have been more, but he provided schooling for all the children in the surroundings – including paying really poor families for their children’s time in school. Long ago he set up a primary healthcare centre but this has now been extended to provide specialised services including ophthalmology; gynaecology; paediatric care; x-rays and a dental clinic.

“We’re now collecting solid waste from all these villages,” Helmy, Ibrahim’s son says. “We are recycling it and using the organic part for the composting site and selling on the plastics and metals. We are collecting their liquid wastewater and purifying their biological waste products. We are cleaning up the villages and we are really trying to build their sense of pride in their villages, their sense of beauty and hygiene. People from the medical centre are going into the villages, teaching them about hygiene, how to use water, how to cook, how to feed your children. We also have a programme for nurses and for midwives.”

And there is more….


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