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Is REDD fair?

Posted by Lindy on May 28, 2010

Remember the ‘too hard box’, Y10?

This is a short except from an article in the Guardian ( ) that sets out to explain REDD – and this bit in particular gives evidence of the dilemma facing the world in trying to help preserve the rainforest

Is REDD fair? A looming problem is that REDD sets out to reward the bad boys of the forests if they mend their ways. The worse they are now, the more they stand to gain in the future. The bad guys are wise to this. On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, major companies responsible for pulping ancient rainforests now want to be rewarded with carbon credits for setting aside a small fraction of their huge landholdings for conservation.

Meanwhile the good guys — those who have conserved their forests all along — may get nothing. Nothing for Costa Rica, the only country in the tropics to have curbed rampant deforestation and increased its forest cover. Nothing for Guyana, which has kept its forests. And nothing for indigenous tribes who have looked after their forests for centuries.


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