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The UN REDD programme: 4 billion dollars on the table

Posted by Lindy on June 10, 2010

At the Copenhagen Summit, Africa ardently defended the idea of compensation paid to developing countries that preserve their forests. It is now done! On 27th May 2010, in Oslo, the rich countries announced they were going to have about four billion dollars to spend on their fight against deforestation by 2012, either 500 million dollars more than the amount promised in Copenhagen. The main donors are the United States (1 billion dollars), Norway (1 billion dollars), Japan (500 million dollars), the United Kingdom (480 million dollars), France (375 million dollars) and Australia (120 million dollars), joined by Germany (464 million dollars) and Denmark.

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One Response to “The UN REDD programme: 4 billion dollars on the table”

  1. alec8c said

    Good to see something came out of Copenhagen at least!

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