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Haiti Diary 21 August 2010

Posted by Lindy on August 21, 2010

Haiti Diary 21 August 2010

250,801 building have been assessed for safety of 350-400,000 to look at at

51% are green – OK, 27% yellow – will be OK with minor modifications and 225 red – unsafe

Between March and August 10,000 families have returned to houses assessed as green – but more have returned to houses not yet assessed

Payment for clearance work rather than giving AID is still carrying on as clearance of amny areas has not been achieved. Cash for work schemes will provide up to 300,000 jobs for the next 12 months – will involve soil conservation, road building, agricultural production, shops and community centres, recycling of waste. The agricultural development program will provide 50,000 sustainable long-term jobs.

600,000 Haitians left Port au Prince for rural areas after the earthquake. This causing big problems to country schools who are trying absorb the children and in particular the orphans.

Tent camps are still there in August 2010 – some are even getting bigger as they also have food aid and cash for work schemes associated with them. Also the imp[rovised housing tends to be of much poorer quality even than the tents.

By November the Haiti government aim to clear 1 million cubic metres of rubble and to construct cyclone shelters for 400-500,000 people,


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