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Sahel: Fighting malnutrition with local food security and water management initiatives

Posted by Lindy on August 22, 2010

Hurricane Wilma was the twenty-first named storm, twelfth hurricane, and sixth major hurricane of the record-breaking 2005 Atl

Date Posted: August 2nd, 2010

(a great new discovery is Farm Radio – transcripts from all over sub-Saharan Africa radio stations)

New ways to gain food security:

1. Use local food to add important nutrients to counteract malnutrition – in Burkina Faso porridge is being fortified with tamarind, soumbala (a local bean), fish and baobab fruit.

2. Helen Keller International, or HKI, is an NGO will distribute household drip irrigation kits to 300 families in eastern Burkina Faso. These families are planting gardens to grow nutritious vegetables. Drip irrigation is not widely used in individual gardens, but is common in commercial ventures. It uses 40 litres of water per day to irrigate a garden of 20 square metres while atercans for the same area would use 240 litres.

3. Smallholders in Senegal have had success with drip irrigation kits. “With the watering cans, we couldn’t do more than one harvest per year. With this innovation, we can do as many as three, so our earnings are multiplied by three.”

4. In Niger, the International Crops Research recommends fertilizer micro-dosing to improve yields during droughts. They apply a good pinch of fertilizer directly to the plant roots. Since using the method, the harvests have almost tripled.


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