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Hurricane Wilma: Martin County has $1 million to help families storm-proof homes

Posted by Lindy on September 22, 2010

Here is example of  relief funding being used to prepare for the next one!

STUART, Fla. – If you’ve been putting off buying hurricane shutters or wind resistant windows, now may be the time to make your move. Martin County has more than $1 million in grant money available to help families improve their homes to make them more storm-safe.

The money comes from the federal government’s community development block grants.  It was originally set aside for victims of Hurricane Wilma, but much of it went unclaimed.  Now it will go to help families protect their homes against future storms.

Alicia Hohsfield bought a spacious home on River Lane in Stuart so she could have extra room for her two children and her mother, but she knew it needed some work, especially when it comes to storm readiness. “The previous homeowner didn’t have any storm shutters and I thought, OK, I’ll buy them eventually.  But eventually never came because they’re expensive,” she said.

Then came a call from Lindstrom and a way to pay for all the projects she’d put off.

She applied for and was accepted by the county’s new grant program.

She will get either storm resistant glass or storm shutters for each of her windows, and a reinforced garage door.  That’s a $10,000-$12,000 investment that will be entirely paid for and arranged by Martin County.

“Oh, it’s going to give me a lot of peace knowing that the kids and I and my mom are going to be safe,” she said.

Eligibility for the program is primarily based on income and family size.  For example, assistance is available for families of eight with a household income of up to $63,000, a family of four with a household income of $47,700 and individuals with an income of up to $33,400.

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