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Hydro-power – a new dawn?

Posted by Lindy on October 21, 2010

Small hydro-plants are very expensive because each plant has to be custom designed to the geology of the site, fish routes have to be designed in and further more they are large ugly and concrete that are visible to all. This has put a number of schemes on hold, just due to the cost and difficulty.

But there are plenty of rivers which could generate power, if only the set up costs were not so high.

However Prof. Peter Rutschmann and Dipl.-Ing. Albert Sepp at the Oskar von Miller-Institut, the TUM research institution for hydraulic and water resources engineering, have come up with a solution that is cheaper and creates less of an impact to the surroundings.

The ‘kit’ will be the same for all, so no custom designing. The idea is a box is placed in the river, into which the water flows and the generators are underwater – unlike those previously housed in concrete on the bank  – and the water, having done its job, flows out of the base of the box.

The beauty of this scheme is that it could end up costing only 50% of the previous amount.

For those of curious disposition can look into this more deeply

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