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Haiti – Earthquake :Fact Sheet #6, November 19, 2010

Posted by Lindy on November 21, 2010


_ As of November 16, Shelter Cluster members had completed more than 19,000 transitional shelters (t-shelters), sufficient to house nearly 96,000 individuals

USAID/OFDA staff also followed-up on earlier assessments by USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team of flooding damage in Léogâne, caused by Hurricane Tomas. Only a few beneficiaries reported that floodwaters had entered their USAID/OFDA-funded t-shelters; most reported no damage from the hurricane.

ACTED is also beginning to conduct repairs of “yellow” houses – buildings assessed as needing minor repairs, estimated to take less than 1 week to fix.

CHF has also recently begun to construct household latrines for beneficiaries who have sufficient space adjacent to  their t-shelters; approximately 1,200 t-shelters will receive latrines, out of a planned total of 1,700 t-shelters to be constructed.

_ IRD has constructed approximately 1,000 t-shelters in Léogâne and continues to build more t-shelters at a rate of 96 per week. IRD reports no customs issues and no shortage of construction materials on the local market, including wood, cement, rebar, and roofing materials.


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) had completed 550 t-shelters as of November 16 and expects to complete all -funded t-shelters before April 30, 2011. Construction in the Delmas 62 neighbourhood of metropolitan Port-au-Prince is nearly complete and has begun to expand outward from the central neighbourhood.

CRS continues to purchase rubble crushers for beneficiaries and sand and gravel for its construction project.


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