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Lahar destroys farmlands

Posted by Lindy on January 7, 2011

5 Jan 2011

In Magelang, in Central Java on Tuesday. Lahar from the slopes of Mount Merapi has caused chaos in the area. Thousands were forced to flee their homes as lahar from the slopes of Mount Merapi inundated hundreds of houses and destroyed hundreds of hectares of agriculture fields on Monday evening.
Heavy downpours since the afternoon in the regions sent thick layers of volcanic debris down the slope of Merapi, carrying logs and volcanic rocks of up to 2 meters in diameter, destroying everything they hit along the way. The lahar destroyed at least two bridges and four houses.

The administration  had also been normalizing the stream along the river and deployed heavy equipment at the locations in case they were needed.Two excavators were deployed to help normalize the highway. However, due to the thick layers of volcanic materials, they had not yet been able to completely clear them from the road as of Tuesday afternoon.

Lahar will continue to threaten areas along the banks of the 12 rivers originating at Merapi as those rivers are still filled with thick layers of volcanic materials of up to 17 kilometers down their streams, ready to travel as heavy rain pours over the region.


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