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Bangladeshi diary Letter 2

Posted by Lindy on February 8, 2011

As many as three in five Bangladeshis will have abandoned their homes by the year 2050 because of climate change, according to the British government’s Stern Report. But so far the UN does not recognise them as refugees – refugee status restricted to those who flee their country because of persecution by their state based on race, religion, political opinion, or ethnicity, and therefore need special protections.

Many places, including Bangladesh do not have enough land to support the extra people – in the case of Bangladesh it is an extra 60% of its population squeezing into about 40% of the land it currently occupies. As the US and Europe a responsible for the climate change, many countries feel they have a duty to give space to these displaced people and that they should be given a status and rights similar to those given to political refugees.


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