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The best solutions make you laugh!

Posted by Lindy on January 12, 2012–poverty-to-blame-for-escalating-population
A lovely extract about population growth and poverty:
‘Thailand has had striking success in family planning using humour and audacity. During one innovative vasectomy festival, a record breaking 1,190 vasectomies were performed in one day by a team of 40 doctors and 80 nurses.
Rewards included free use of “family-planning buffaloes” for farming, and free piglets. Media helped break down taboos and birth control carnivals, condom blowing contests and community events promoted the link between population growth and low standards of living.’


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Continental drift – really?

Posted by Lindy on April 25, 2011

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Literary maps

Posted by Lindy on April 8, 2011

Do take a look!

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Interesting! And fun

Posted by Lindy on March 9, 2011

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Christmas and the global market

Posted by Lindy on December 16, 2010

Never thought I would borrow from the Sun newspaper!

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Want to record your snow depth online?

Posted by Lindy on December 3, 2010

Go to,-4.394531&spn=8.223516,21.643066&source=embed

1) Find a flat surface that is not close to trees or buildings.
2) Measure the depth of the snow in cms.
3) Find your location on the map. (Make sure you are logged into your Google account)
4) Click “Edit” above this description box.
5) Click on the placemark tool to add it to the map.
6) Add your location name and measurement in the placemark title.
7) Click on the Placemark icon in the open balloon to change it to a snowflake.

I have done it already – can you find me?

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Graph of the day

Posted by Lindy on November 24, 2010

This shows the BTU ( British thermal Units) of energy used by one person to go from Seattle and Portland by varies means ( both cities are in Oregon – I think – but certainly NW USA, but certainly not that far apart from one another)

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Wind Could Have Parted Red Sea For Moses

Posted by Lindy on September 22, 2010

Moses might not have parted the Red Sea, but a strong east wind that blew through the night could have pushed the waters back in the way described in biblical writings and the Koran.

As part of a larger study of the interaction between wind and water, it has been shown to be possible according to the laws of physics for water to be held back for a short period before the water returns.

It requires a strong wind for a number of hours blowing in a particular direction  and river with a lagoon nearby . They think they have found where it could have happened – in the SE corner of the Mediterranean where one of the distributaries of the Nile has such a lagoon next to it – a distributaries is the name given to the branches of a delta.

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Year 9 – fancy a job?

Posted by Lindy on May 26, 2010

Lead Field Camp Cook needed for Antarctica from Sept 2010- Feb 2011

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Posted by Lindy on April 18, 2010

That’s how you say the name of that volcano that is causing all the problem! it is written as Eyjafjallajökull but according to the Icelandic Embassy that is how it is said

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