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The San Andreas Fault

This what happens when levees break!

As you can see, back in June the River Mississippi flooded dues to heavy rain. Look here for some good pictures of what happens. Also this is an article from the BBC about what happened


Tidal Power on the Severn Estuary

When the Severn-wide Tidal barrage seemed to be the only option, many environmental groups including Friends of the Earth and Gwent Wildlife Trust were very concerned about the impact on wildlife.

However, yesterday the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform yesterday published a list of 10 proposed projects for the site as part of a study to assess the feasibility of the options and the energy potential of the Severn Estuary.

Both organisations welcomed the chance to look at schemes that would potentially be much less detrimental.

Go to this link and at the bottom are the 10 possible plans.

Try this link


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